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Student Resources

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What is Clay?

Find out more about what clay is comprised of.

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Tracking your Work

Tips to keep track of your work as it goes through the firing process.

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Working with Clay at Home

Great for affiliated students!

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Soda Firing

Learn more about this firing technique.

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Slip vs. Underglaze

Learn about the difference between the two.

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Mudflat Memos

Make your own tracking notebook!

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Transporting Greenware from home

Get your work safely to Mudflat from home.

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Tips for Applying to Shows

Learn more about selecting work, photographing and more! 

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How to Read a Test Tile

Learn about the test tiles at Mudflat.

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Instructional Videos

Follow our YouTube channel for instructional and informative videos.

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How to Use Oxide Washes

Using Mudflat's oxide washes.

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