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Our building at 81 Broadway in Somerville opened in August 2011. Mudflat’s $3.8 million renovation of the old Broadway Theatre into a premier clay school and studio is stunning, full of light, air, space and happy ceramic artists. This new home for Mudflat is an exciting place, with larger classrooms, improved equipment, additional artist studios, and a new space for expanded programs and community events.

**Mudflat is a "barrier-free" facility.**

Mudflat studio building



Mudflat has three Bailey gas car kilns with electronic controls for both reduction and oxidation firing at high-fire cone 10: a 54 cubic foot; a 32 cubic foot, and an 18 cubic foot. The gas kilns can also be used for bisque firing. We recently added a 20 cubic foot soda kiln. There are five electric kilns, four with computer controls, for bisque firing, low-fire cone 04 glaze firing, and mid-range cone 6 glaze firing.


Equipment for use for handbuilding techniques includes one slab roller and two extruders.


Mudflat has 36 electric pottery wheels: 24 in the main wheel classroom and 12 in the small wheel classroom. Each wheel has an adjacent bench for use during throwing as well as a chair or stool in varying height. One wheel in each classroom can be positioned up on blocks for students who would prefer to throw standing rather than sitting.


The handbuilding classroom has 6 canvas covered tables and an assortment of chairs and stools. Thanks to a generous donation from one of our students, we also npw have 4 adjustable height tables, for sitting or standing work access.


A ventilated spray booth is available for glaze application, with a spray gun and compressor.

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