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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the dates for the class semesters?

Mudflat has three 14-week long semesters each year, along with a short August semester. See the current semester dates here.

How much do classes cost?

For adult classes, tuition is $750.00 for 14 weeks unless otherwise noted. Tuition includes 25 lbs. of clay (1 bag) with glazes and firings. Students purchase additional clay from Mudflat; students may not bring in any clays or glazes from other studios or suppliers. Tuition also includes use of the studio classrooms during open lab hours - specific days and times are listed here.

For children's classes, tuition is $220.00 for 6 weeks and includes all materials.

Does Mudflat sell clay and pottery tools?

Yes, but only to our enrolled students. We are not a pottery supply store, but we do have clay and tools for sale for our students. Clay tools are not provided for adult classes, but may be purchased at Mudflat. A basic set of five tools costs $30.00-$40.00 – class teachers can recommend tools for your class. A big assortment of clay tools are available for sale at Mudflat.

Does Mudflat offer drop-in times to work in clay?

No, we do not offer this option. But we do offer one-time introductory workshops for adults (see Date Night workshops and Adult Intro workshops).

How do I register for a class or workshop?

Register for a class or workshop using our online registration form on our website. Read more about the registration process here.

If you wish to visit our facility, please call the Mudflat office at 617-628-0589.

How can I purchase pottery made by Mudflat artists?

Mudflat hosts two Open Studio/Sale events each year – the first weekend of May, in conjunction with Somerville Open Studios, and early December for 10 days. Typically 96 Mudflat artists participate, displaying a wide range of functional and sculptural clay work.

Pottery can also be purchased at Mudflat Gallery, our year-round showcase of claywork by 40 Mudflat artists, faculty and students at the Porter Square Shopping Center, in Cambridge.

What are the Open Lab Hours at Mudflat?

Adult students in classes and independent study are encouraged to come to Mudflat for additional studio practice time during lab hours.

Find the current open lab hour times here! 

Open Lab Hours are included in class tuition and enrolled adult students can come to as many as they can fit into their schedule. No need to sign up in advance!

What is Mudflat’s refund policy?

Tuition for classes is fully refundable if you cancel one week before the start of the semester - see our registration page for exact cancellation dates for each semester. After your class starts, tuition is non-refundable.

We will give a full refund on workshop tuitions if we receive your cancellation one week prior to the workshop date. No refunds or credits given for missed classes or workshops.

Can I fire pottery in your kilns?

No, we do not fire any outside work or rent kiln space – you must be enrolled in a Mudflat class or be a Mudflat studio artist to have work fired here. We only fire clay that has been purchased from Mudflat.

Does Mudflat repair broken ceramic pieces?

No, we are not able to offer this service. We recommend that you get an epoxy from your local hardware store that is specifically for repairing ceramics – follow the directions for application on the tube and work slowly. You may want to try fitting all the pieces together first without the glue. Once repaired, your piece is now decorative – we do not recommend that you use a repaired piece for functional use any more.

I am a current Mudflat student. Can I bring a guest to the studio to do clay work?

Yes, Mudflat has a GUEST POLICY!

Current students are welcome to bring a guest (adult or child) to Mudflat during non-class/Open Lab hour time to share working in clay. Times available are:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1-6:30 pm

  • Saturday: 1-6 pm

  • Sunday, 10 am -6 pm

Confirm a day and time with the Mudflat office prior to visit.

Guest fee is $25 per person, per visit. Fee does not include materials. Your guest should use your clay and tools, and you are responsible for your guest and any work they produce.

Please be respectful of other students working in the classrooms.

What is parking like at Mudflat? 

Being an urban clay studio, you can expect city parking when coming to Mudflat. There are metered spots up and down Broadway. Meters cost 25 cents for 12 minutes. Meters can be paid with quarters, or you can use the ParkMobile app if you have a smart phone. Be sure to look out for the streets signs when parking as there is a lot of resident only parking. Learn more about parking in Somerville by visiting the Somerville Traffic and Parking website

Mudflat is also close to the Sullivan Square T-stop and on a few bus routes if you prefer to take public transportation. 

Does Mudflat offer raku, pit or wood firings?

While we would love to offer many alternative firing methods, we are somewhat limited in our firing options as we are located in a urban setting without access to open outdoor spaces for these types of firings. The good news is that there are opportunities to explore different firing methods at other venues in Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Vermont!

Still have some questions?
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