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Technical Education Program

A 1-year education program for hands-on ceramic technical skill building, designed for students who are interested in learning more about clays, glazes, kilns, firings, and studio maintenance.

The next Tech Ed program will begin in January 2025.

Open to intermediate to advanced level students, to be selected by application each year, based on interest, availability, and commitment. Prior ceramic technical experience is not required.

Time commitment from students is 10 hours/week (spread over 3 days per week) for an entire year. Students must be available daytime hours, typically between 10 am and 6 pm. Over the course of the year, the weekly schedule will change to accommodate learning different skills and tasks, and to match kiln firing schedules.


Only 3-5 students will be selected for the year long program.

During the first semester students will be trained in all aspects of ceramic technical information. Topics include:

  • Clays: clay body materials, clay recycling

  • Slips and glazes: chemistry and mixing/maintaining

  • Kilns: loading, firing, and unloading electric and gas kilns, as well as maintaining the shelves & kiln furniture

  • Studio maintenance: cleaning, clay deliveries, etc.

  • Following completion of the first semester, students will continue working independently as technical staff trainees through the following 2 semesters, with an added focus on training to fire our gas kilns. Gas kiln firings range in length from 8-9 hours for a bisque firing, to 11-13 hours for a glaze firing --students are expected to attend the entire firing. Applicants should be aware that there are physical demands involved in this work, including ability to lift/carry 50 lbs of clay or other materials.

  • Tuition for the first semester is $750.00.

  • Tuition for the second and third semesters is $500.00 each semester.

  • Mudflat will provide additional shelf space and 24 hour access for all 3 semesters to participants.

We will only consider applications for this program from people who are able to make a commitment for a full year, and who have flexible availability during daytime work hours. If you are working full-time, this program is not a good fit. However, if you are taking extended time off from your job, or are in between jobs for at least a year and want to work intensely in clay, then do apply - we would love to hear from you!

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If you are interested in applying for the 2025 year, please check back in July 2024.

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