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Our Community.

Students, studio artists, faculty, staff, visiting artists, the public - all of these groups are part of the Mudflat community!

Students - Classes and workshops are offered for students of all ages. Most of our students come from the 38 communities within the Greater Boston area. The majority of them are adults, ages 24 to 60, but all ages are represented, from children as young as 4 years through retirees.

Studio Artists - Mudflat has 38 ceramic artists working in private or shared studios.

Faculty - The 21 faculty members teaching classes and workshops represent a broad spectrum of ceramic artists and educators who bring a range of approaches and sensibilities to the educational experience at Mudflat.

Staff - Our administrative, technical and gallery staff members keep our programs varied and our facility in good shape.

Visiting Artists - Each semester we invite 2-3 visiting artists to present demonstrations, lectures and participatory workshops in a variety of topics and techniques.

The Public - We welcome the public to Mudflat twice each year for our open studios and sales, as well as for community meetings and events, tours, exhibitions and festive galas!

Students in class, Mudflat Interns, Soda kiln firing, show opening

All are welcome at Mudflat! 
Join us for our next event, workshop or class

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