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Adult Workshops

Mudflat's lectures and workshops cover a broad range of topics for everyone from beginner to advanced students. They're a great opportunity to gather with students and clay artists from Mudflat and elsewhere to explore a variety of ceramic art, try your hand at new techniques, or meet visiting artists and socialize over a slide show and reception.

Randy Johnston Workshop

Visiting Artist Workshops Series

In this workshop at Mudflat Studio Randy will focus on the exchange of ideas involved in working in clay related to form and function with sculptural intention.  Demonstrations will cover the use of the wheel and the handbuilding construction of forms by altering and combining pieces by using slabs and paper patterns.  In addition, I will share my thought process through conversation with the participants about why we make the objects we choose to make and what experiences in our lives have brought us to this place in our journey as artists. We will view images of historical and contemporary work in ceramics, with a personal image lecture of work and influences.

This will be an exciting and fun workshop with lots of personal discussions about traditional and new ways of making. I look forward to this celebration of the Holidays event at Mudflat.

Thursday, December 7, 10 am - 4 pm 
Tuition: $125; Member tuition: $75

Please call the Mudflat Office to Register
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