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Studio Rental


Thirty-eight ceramic artists worked in private or semi-private studios at Mudflat, producing a wide variety of functional and sculptural work. Some studio artists are former students, others are graduates of university degree programs specializing in ceramic arts. One third of them are full-time ceramic artists who exhibit and sell their work locally and nationally. Many have been awarded fellowships and residencies at renowned craft centers – including fellowship awards from the Somerville Arts Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. The interactions between our artists and our students are an important asset and offer sources of artistic and technical information, inspiration and community.

In our facility, Mudflat has expanded our studio artist program to include more clay artists in a broader range of studio spaces and at a variety of prices. We now have two types of artist categories: Resident Artists and Associate Artists.

Resident Artists are professional clay artists who have the technical skill and experience to fire their own work in the studio kilns. Studios for Resident Artists are private individual spaces or shared studios with one or two additional artists. Monthly rent is $255-$455 per artist, based on studio size.

Associate Artists are serious clay students looking for more access, privacy, and shelf space. There are two large group studios of approximately 300 square feet each to be shared by six artists each. These studios are equipped with a shelving unit for each artist plus a central shared work table and shared pottery wheel in each studio room. Associate Artists’ work is fired by Mudflat technicians. Monthly rent is $249 per artist.

Both Resident Artists and Associate Artists have 24-hour studio availability, and use of other studio and classroom equipment. The monthly rent does not include clay materials, glazes or firings, which are purchased through Mudflat for additional fees. A committee reviews all applications based on the following criteria: Applicant’s level of professionalism, artistic quality of work, and commitment to the Mudflat community.

Please contact the Mudflat office for additional information or to be added to an interest list. 
Studios at Mudflat
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