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Registration Information


For the Spring/Summer semester, we will be taking all registrations through our website. This is a new registration process for us. We appreciate your patience while we navigate this change. Please see below for more information on how to register.

  • We take all of our class registrations online. We will not take registrations over the phone or in person.

  • Our adult classes tend to fill very quickly. If you are unable to register for your desired class, join the waitlist by using the link provided on the class page on the website. If a spot becomes available we will go to the waitlist to fill spots. 

  • Class descriptions are listed here.

Tutorials for general registration:

Signing up for a class online 

Select from the following tutorial options to learn more:

Tutorials for current members registration:

To register for classes and receive your member discount, you must first create an account on Use the following tutorials to learn how to create this account (using your gmail or another email address) and how to then register for classes. 

Creating an account & registering using your Gmail for login

Select from the following tutorial options to learn more:

Creating an account & registering using EMAIL (other than gmail) for login

Select from the following tutorial options to learn more:



  • For adult classes tuition is $750.00 for 14 weeks unless otherwise noted. Tuition includes 25 lbs. of clay (1 bag) with glazes and firings, but does not include personal clay tools, please see below. Students purchase additional clay from Mudflat; students may not bring in any clays or glazes from other studios or suppliers.

  • Tuition also includes use of the studio classrooms during open lab hours.

  • Mudflat does offer financial aid. Please see our EBT Card to Culture Page or our Financial Aid page on the website for more info. 

  • Tuition must be paid in full to complete your registration. 

Clay Tools

Personal clay tools are not provided for adult classes, but may be purchased at Mudflat. A basic set of five tools costs $30.00-$40.00. An assortment of clay tools are available for sale at Mudflat. These can be purchased the first day of class.


Refund policy for all classes, independent study & affiliated:

Tuition for classes is fully refundable if you cancel one week before the semester begins. If you cancel your class after that date, tuition is non-refundable.

Refund policy for kid/teen classes:

Tuition for classes is fully refundable if you cancel one week before the session begins. If you cancel your class after that date, tuition is non-refundable.

Refund policy for workshops:

Tuition for workshops is fully refundable if you cancel one week before the workshop date. If you cancel your workshop after that date, tuition is non-refundable. Credits or refunds will not be issued for missed dates. 

Membership Renewal 

When your membership is due for renewal, you will receive an invoice from Mudflat, rather than renew when signing up for your class or workshop. Invoices will be sent out to members who are up for renewal on the following dates: April 1, July 1, August 1, and December 1. If you would like to renew your membership, simply pay the invoice online. If you do not want to renew your membership, do not pay the invoice. If you are not sure when to expect this invoice, you can see your renewal date in your online profile under "My Subscriptions". 

Financial Aid & Card to Culture

When registering using these two options, you will need to put in a coupon code during checkout to receive the proper discount/payment option. Please see the financial aid or EBT Card to Culture pages for more information.

Registration Service Fee 

When registering for a class online, you may notice the "service fee" line item. This service fee partically covers the cost of operating this electronic booking system & taking registrations online. 

Registration Troubleshooting

Have something funny happen during registration or doing some homework to prepare for registration? See below!

I timed out while registering? Now what?

During checkout, your spot will be saved for 10 minutes while you complete your registration. If you do not complete all your registration information and payment information, you will time out of registration. If this happens you will get a notice and have to start again.

I didn't recieve my member discount when registering but I am a current member.

If you are not properly logged into the site before you register for the class/workshop, your discount will not be applied. Make sure that you create your account using the email that you previously used to sign up for your past Mudflat membership/classes. 

I didn't get a confirmation email after I registered

Confirmation emails sent after registration are automated and come from our website via Kate. If you did not receive this email, please check your junk or spam folder.

I'm a member and I tried to register on Member Registration day but got a message that I dont have access to the page.

Dont have access to the page pic.png

If you are a current member and you receive a message that you do not have acces to the page to register, check the following: 

  • It is the correct day and time of member registration

  • You are signed into your account on

  • You are using the same email that Mudflat has onfile to create your account

If you have checked the following and it is all correct, contact

For the class I want to register for it says "Details" instead of "Buy Tickets", why?

If you see the "Details" button instead of the button that says " Buy Tickets", that means that the class is completely enrolled. Look for a class that has a "Buy Tickets" button and/or join the waitlist for your preferred class. 

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