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Friends of Mudflat
Perks Subscription 

(Formally called Membership)

Enrolled students who take classes every semester and/or signs up for workshops, might be interested in purchasing a Mudflat Perks Subscription at the time of registration. The Mudflat Perks Subscription provides the following benefits:

  • 10% discount on class tuition and intro workshops

  • Special member discount (up to 50%) on other workshops

  • Early registration for classes and workshops*

  • 10% discount on purchases at Mudflat Open Studio and Sale events in May and December

  • 10% discount on purchases at Mudflat Gallery in Porter Square, Cambridge

Perks Subscriptions can only be purchased during registration periods. Registration periods begin on the first day of general registration and last for 1 month.  We do not take Perks Subscription purchases outside of a registration period.  A one year Perk Subscription is $200, and your discount can be applied immediately if registering for a class or workshop. You are not required to become a Subscriber to take classes at Mudflat.


The Mudflat Perks Subscription provides the discounts listed above but does not include studio access - you must be enrolled in a class to use the Mudflat facility.

*Please note there is no early registration for the August semester of classes.

TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES: In order to register, you must create a online account. You can find the tutorials for creating an account and registering on our registration page.


When your Perks Subscription is due for renewal, you will receive an invoice from Mudflat, rather than renew when signing up for your class or workshop. Invoices will be sent out to Subscribers who are up for renewal on the following dates: April 1, July 1, August 1, and December 1. If you would like to renew your Perks Subscription, simply pay the invoice online. If you do not want to renew your Perks Subscription, do not pay the invoice. If you are not sure when to expect this invoice, you can see your renewal date in your online profile under "My Subscriptions". 

Parakeet, Mudflat Studio and instructor at the wheel

Become a Lifetime Subscriber!

This is a great way to show your support for Mudflat. Lifetime Subscriber is for one adult and includes all of the above benefits. $2000; please contact the Mudflat office for more information.

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