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Corporate Clay Workshops

Mudflat offers workshops for small groups of co-workers for team-building and creativity!

 Workshops can be scheduled for daytime, Friday evenings or weekends for up to 15 adults, focusing on basic wheelthrowing or handbuilding techniques.

How the Workshop Works: A Mudflat teacher will demonstrate how to make a pot on the pottery wheel (wheelthrowing workshop) or how to use slabs and coils to make functional or sculptural work (handbuilding workshop). Participants will work at their own pottery wheel or table space, with instruction and assistance from the teacher. Each participant will select a glaze color so their best effort can be glazed and fired. After the workshop, the Mudflat teacher will dry and trim the pieces. Pieces are first bisque fired, then glaze is applied, then they are fired again. The whole process takes 4-5 weeks. We will wrap up and box all of the pieces for your group and notify the contact person when they are ready for pick-up, approximately one month after the workshop. All pieces are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

Scheduling a workshop at Mudflat:

Contact Gabrielle at or call 617-628-0589 to schedule. The information we will ask for is: 

  • How many participants are in your group?   Maximum group size is 15 adults.

  • Do you want a wheelthrowing or handbuilding workshop?

  • What day/date/time works for your group?   Daytime, Friday evenings or weekends generally work best for Mudflat. We cannot offer workshops on weekday evenings.

We need a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice to schedule a workshop and find a teacher(s) for your group. Please be sure that you have interest from your group and buy-in from your workplace before scheduling a workshop. We need at least 1 week notice if you need to change the number of participants in your group.

Workshop Fees:

For a 3-hour long wheelthrowing/handbuilding workshop: $85 per person

For a 2-hour long wheelthrowing/handbuilding workshop: $60 per person​

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