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Potter on the wheel

Classes at Mudflat

Mudflat has offered the metropolitan Boston community a unique opportunity for clay work and play since 1971. Our mission is to promote and expand appreciation of and participation in the ceramic arts through classes, workshops, outreach programming and events for students of all ages, abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Independent Study 

Students with previous clay experience can pursue their own projects outside of a structured class in Independent Study. This program provides access to classroom space during all Open Lab Hours throughout the semester. Students enrolled in Independent Study should attend the scheduled orientation meeting to receive studio information, clay and shelf space and to meet Mudflat staff. No instruction is provided in Independent Study. Tuition includes 1 bag of clay; additional clay must be purchased from Mudflat. Independent study students register for this option as you would a class.

Registration Information

Find out more about the registration process

Financial Aid 

Mudflat is pleased to be able to offer financial aid to adults and children who wish to participate in our classes and workshops.


Enrolled students who take classes every semester or anyone who signs up for workshops, might be interested in purchasing a Mudflat Perks Subscription at the time of registration for discounts & other benefits.

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